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ASoM focuses on mental health and how it affects those of us involved in agriculture. I will hold conversations with both professionals and producers about addressing mental health in ag and how we can adequately remedy the stresses.

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Extreme focus on fitness and being involved in agriculture have not always gone hand in hand. I find that odd. However, there are several in the agriculture world who are doing their best to break that. Sami Bolen is a wife, mother, rancher, MU extension agent, among other things living in Southwest Missouri. She has an incredible passion for fitness that goes hand in hand with her passion for farming. We chat a bit about her journey and how she has taken steps to keep herself as fit as possible. The highlight of the podcast to me is Sami's why behind being as fit as possible. She says she wants to be farming for as long as possible. She wants to be farming alongside as many generations as she can. See she gets it. We all need a why behind our fitness to make sure we are successful. Find links at

Leah McGrath is a Registered Dietician currently employed in retail (supermarket) dietetics. We chat today about her journey and the interesting role she plays as a supermarket dietitian. This is something I didn’t really know existed until Leah and I chatted on the podcast. We then shift to talk about the important role advocacy plays in connecting producers and consumers. About how the disruption of the supply chain helped us see how important it is to understand where the products we use originate and what steps they have to take to get into our homes. We finish by chatting about meat and the role it plays in a healthy diet. How the pandemic has shown us how important it is to families.

Hello and Welcome to this episode fo Ag State of Mind a proud member of the Global Ag network. Today we are continuing our series on diet and nutrition with my friend Nicole Rodriguez. I'll start off and let everyone know that the episode ends rather abruptly. We had some issues with my rural internet connection that wreaked havoc for us. We had to restart our connection once but then it finally shut off for good toward the end. The joys of podcasting with rural internet. Nicole is a registered dietician from Long Island who is an incredible advocate for the beef industry. We talk about a lot of things but we really focus on advocacy in the beef industry and how we as producers have an important story to tell to help connect consumers with their food. We also talk about relationship with food. How there are no real “good” or “bad” foods and, simply, how we should actually eat real food and stay away from liquid diets and other things of similar nature. Nicole and I originally connected on Twitter but she has become one of my favorite follows on Instagram. To find out about Nicole, her blog, and her social media, go to

We are going to pause our month on nutrition today to chat with my friend Whitney Larson. Whitney is a farmer from Western Kansas who is an incredible advocate for farmers and in particular farmers wives everywhere. If you have been a long time listener of the podcast, you’ll recall we talked to Kylie Epperson last April who is Whitney’s cohost of the Midwest Farm Wives podcast. So today is Whitney’s turn. This is a perfect opportunity to plug an event that is coming up which was created by whitney. On February 20, 2021 there will be an online event for women in ag that is titled Cultivating Courage. There are a wide variety of speakers on a number of different topics ranging from ag literacy to field meals. I am very honored to be the only man speaking at this event and sharing my keynote on mental health and how it affects us in ag. To register for this event go to

Continuing our January theme of nutrition we speak today to Cara Harbstreet, RD of Street Smart Nutrition. We chat a bit about her history and how she found her history to dietetic school. We then chat about her journey through the profession and how she founded her own business. Then we shift to speaking about her approach to healthy eating and a few of the practices she employs. We also chat about meat and how she has worked with farmers and ranchers to promote animal protein as a part of a healthy diet. Find Cara online at

Happy 2021!! Today I am speaking with my wife Keri Medows again about proper nutrition. Keri is a NASM Certified Trainer with an emphasis on Fitness nutrition. She is also a RYT200 certified yoga instructor. We talk about the typical new year chatter around nutrition. How nutrition and diet is not a destination and a journey. About how a lot of "lose weight quick" programs are not necessarily healthy and that we should focus on the long term in regards to our health and well being. We then shift the focus to talk about our new business venture, Kula Yoga & Fitness Studio. How we feel it's important to have businesses like this in rural communities. We finish talking about Keri's coaching business and how to get in touch with her. Check out her Instagram page at

Greetings and welcome to the final episode of 2020. I appreciate you all hanging out with me this year. I cannot thank you all enough for the support and the encouragement over this last year. 2020 has been a tough year but I am thankful to have made the connections I have through this podcast. It would be nothing without all of you. Today, we speak to Isabella Schroeder, a Vet Student at Iowa State University. We talk to her about what her experience has been this year dealing with the pressures of college life mixed with COVID. We chat about the mental health of students and also the mental health of veterinarians. Great to chat with Isabella about her experience and hope it sheds some light on the pressures facing students during this pandemic.

Solo episode today that was recorded on a whim. I chat for a bit about my son Levi's integral part in this podcast through his editing and feedback. I then chat about what's to be expected for this podcast and the mission of ASOM going forward. Lastly, I talk about the Christmas season and my hope for the world. Wanting for us to return to a nation and a world who can focus on the good instead of amplify the bad. I appreciate all of you who helped this podcast grow in 2020 and look forward to more growth in 2021

Wyatt Merry is a 3rd Generation Farmer in Texoma, Oklahoma. He farms alongside his father as well as attends high school. We talk about the day to day on his farm and how he has come to gain a passion for agriculture. We then shift to talking about his life as a high school student during the pandemic and how that has affected him. Find links to all of Wyatt's pages at

Welcome to December!! Today we go to sunny Southern California to talk to my friend Allison Fender of the Flyin F Ranch. We talk to her about her upbringing and how her and husband Bryce started their own herd. We then talk about the challenges faced when raising cattle in a place like SoCal where ag is often misunderstood. We wrap up the episode by talking about our #run1000 team where we are raising money for the Do More Agriculture Foundation. Great episode with a great gal!! Check Alli and her ranch out at