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The Millennial Ag Podcast is the brainchild of Katharine Lotspeich, a Utah dairy farmer, and Valene Lickley, a 5th generation beef rancher from southern Idaho. Both passionate agriculturists from very different backgrounds, we realized our diverse perspectives could play a role in helping to widen agriculture conversations.

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This week, we reflect on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. And then we ask ourselves and you, what's one kind thing we can put into the world each week?

Welcome to Episode 100! Sometimes life gets in the way, and you've got to plan around it. Cut to our show this week, where we throw it back to our very first episode. Listen to our intro to see how we feel about 100 episodes, and what we were thinking when we started this passion project of ours. Thank you for being our listeners, and for tuning in!

This week, we're joined by BLM Wildfire Mitigation and Education Specialist Kelsey Brizendine. We talk about why it seems like the whole West is on fire, how this much wildfire is becoming the new "normal", good and bad aspects of wildland fires, and of course, the part we can all play in making sure recreational fires are out. Tune in!

This week we are joined by Tanner Beymer a lobbyist for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA). Tanner gives us insight as to what Cory Booker, Senator from New Jersey, had proposed in his farm system reform act. We also learn about the policies and bills being proposed in Washington DC right now and even get a live auction at the end! Don't miss this educational, entertaining, and enlightening episode!

Jessie Jarvis ranches with her husband along side her parents in Southern Idaho. Besides chasing her two beautiful children, she is also the co-founder of Of the West, working to bring job seekers and employees together across the western and agriculture industries. This episode we dive into all things ranching, working and fashion. Yes fashion! An industry Jessie found while working at the state capital. Tune in for some fun conversation, and check out

Clay Conry, a fellow podcaster on the Working Cows podcast, joins us to talk about his family's operation, his role as a rural pastor and what the Working Cows podcast is all about. Join this fun conversation where we dived into Mission and Visions and how balancing life's many tasks is like a wagon wheel! Don't miss this episode and make sure to check out the Working Cows Podcast as well!

As grain harvest is wrapping up in Southern Idaho, Valene brought on her boyfriend, John E. Cauhorn to talk through what it takes to grow barley, water and what goes into making a decision for next years crop rotation. As a young producer, John reminds us to look to those around us that are senior and have some wisdom in the industry. We have so much to learn!

Who doesn't love a fresh bouquet of flowers? Erica Louder joins us this week to share how she started Cowgirl Flower Farm ( and what it takes to farm flowers. It is a lot more than rows of beautiful colors and smells. She explains why she chose flowers over other crops, what harvest looks like, how she gets them to market and so much more! Erica also shares how she is involved in the local Farm Bureau and how life isn't necessarily about balance but about priority. Tune into this fun filled/educational episode!

Meet Dr. Phil Bass, meat science professor and enthusiast of the University of Idaho. We asked him about his research projects, and went off the rails about dry aging beef and everything you can think of around that topic. We had a blast, our guest is both knowledgeable and fun, and this is one episode about beef that you don't want to miss!!

Rancher. Agriculture advocate. Ninja? Yep, ninja. This week we’re stoked to welcome Lance Pekus, American Ninja Warrior competitor and rancher to the show. Lance shares some backstage knowledge with us, and how he approaches his role as inadvertent Ag advocate to try and have conversations with people from all walks of life. Tune into this great episode with an incredible athlete and be ready for some Cowboy Ninja wisdom.