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Tune in with Clay Conry, a western South Dakota native, as he provides a platform for producers to discuss paradigm challenging practices in the cattle industry.

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Ep. 096 - Aaron Berger - Ten Things to Consider When Evaluating Moving Calving Date

  • Jun 15, 2019
Aaron Berger, a beef specialist with UNL Extension, joins me to discuss his article in the June edition of the BeefWatch Newsletter. We discuss taking a systems approach to considering moving calving season date. Aaron also shares a little about his great companion podcast to the BeefWatch Newsletter, the BeefWatch Podcast.


Ep 095 - Steve Kenyon - The Calendar of the Year-Round Grazier

  • Jun 13, 2019
Steve Kenyon, a Year-Round Grazier himself, joins me to discuss his recently published book "The Calendar of the Year-Round Grazier." We talk about how the lay out of the book and the lay out of the weather in the yearly cycle gives the year-round grazier all the time they need to get ready for a good year of grazing.Show Note for this Episode can be found at


Ep. 094 - Ken Olson - Managing the Rumen

  • May 27, 2019
Ken Olson has nearly 40 years of experience studying ruminant animals. Ken joined me to talk about how we can practically manage the nutritional plane of our animals and some of the challenges that different times of year present in maintaining healthy rumen function.


Ep. 093 - L. Carlos Lara - The Recent History of Financial Collapse

  • May 25, 2019
L. Carlos Lara is a certified IBC instructor and founding board member of the Nelson Nash Institute. In this follow-up episode to episode 93 Carlos and I pick up where my conversation with Nelson ended and discuss the recent history of financial instability and collapse in our country. We talk about the financial crisis of the 1980's as well as 2008. We talk about how we have not really fixed the issues present in 2008 and actually may have set ourselves up for an even bigger failure. Show notes for today If you missed the companion episode, please download and listen to that first at


Ep. 092 - R. Nelson Nash - The Deep History of Financial Collapse

  • May 25, 2019
R. Nelson Nash is the founder of the Infinite Banking Concept, a tool used to provide financing outside of commercial banks. Nelson joined me shortly before his death. We talked about the deep history of financial collapse in our country. Our discussion mostly centers on the creation of the Federal Reserve and how it has been used to finance wars and steal wealth from the public. For more information on how you can secede from this system please download the companion episode at Show notes for today


Ep. 091 - Bart Davidson - Decisionable Data

  • May 23, 2019
Bart Davidson joined me to talk about how ranchers and graziers can make better decisions if the data they are already collecting is returned to them in a meaningful way. We talk about how Maia grazing is providing that kind of information to ranchers and graziers of all sizes. We also discuss the improtance of making the most of good years and failing fast to learn fast.


Ep. 090 - Dallas Mount -

  • May 21, 2019
Dallas Mount, Extension Educator for the University of Wyoming and instructor for the final class of the High Plains Ranch Practicum joined me ahead of the June 26th launch of the class. We discuss profitability targets for the 2018 calf crop and how you could use them to inform the decisions you are still making about the 2019 calf crop.


Ep. 089 - Dalmas Tiampati - Maasai Center for Regenerative Pastoralism

  • May 20, 2019
Dalmas Tiampati of the Maasai Center for Regenerative Pastoralism of Kenya joined me to discuss the history of Maasai Pastoralism, the effects of colonialism, as well as his hopes, dreams, and definition of success for his people. We talk about how Dalmas plans to use Holistic Management to regenerate land, livestock, and his communities through ancient pastoralist practices.


Ep. 088 - Experiments in Stock Density

  • May 7, 2019
Brian Alexander, Custom Grazier, Prescribed Burner, and Wildfire Survivor joined me to discuss his experiences at the Grass Fed Exchange as well as some new ideas he as a result of attending. We talk about the business opportunities presented by strip grazing and about how he went about making the decision to give this expirement a shot.


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